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Student Council Members:
Aana Amin

Gabby Johnson

Rajpaul Gill

Anupe Mahil

Activities Directors:
Ariyana Rubio, Harleen Sandhu

Class Representatives:
8th grade
Ally Cormier
Suman Cheema
Ajay Chohan
Sir Joseph Mayatt

7th grade
Ahramani Gill
Ivy Muniz
Pavendeep Singh
Derek Smith

6th grade
Kyle Kircher
Jolleen Kong
Christian Ortega
Hannah Owens



Student Government

To Provide:

·         Expression and representation of students feeling, opinions, and interests.

·         Students share in the management of the school.

·         For development of potential leaders.

·         Experiences in the democratic process.

·         For building positive relationships among students.

·         A means for coordinating student activities successfully.

To Promote:

·         A variety of activities which provide participation. opportunities for as many students as possible.

·         Pride in the appearance of the school.

·         School loyalty and spirit.

·         Harmonious relationships between faculty and students.

·         School and community service projects.

To Develop:

·         Within students an understanding of their role in school government.

·         Within each individual student a sense of responsibility for personal conduct.

·         High ideas of personal conduct and responsibility for appropriate behavior.

·         Understanding, respect, and appreciation for cultural difference and similarities.

·         Acceptance and respect for individual uniqueness.

·         Desirable sportsmanship attitudes.




California Jr. Scholarship Federation (CJSF)
Barry School was the first in YCUSD to provide a “junior” branch of California Scholarship Federation to students. This honor society recognizes 7/8 grade students who meet the rigid academic criteria established by the organization. CJSF is a highly visible presence on campus. Many students aspire to become a member. The club serves as a means of inspiration to students for academic achievement. In order to include students whose areas of strength may lie outside traditional “core” academic areas, the club has expanded to include BSST (Barry Student Success Team).  It has always been a challenge to fund such an organization. Fund raisers, Parent Club support, and parent donations are the source of our treasury. Over the years, students have traveled to the Radin Raptor Center, California Academy of Sciences and the Lawrence Hall of Science in the Bay Area and to various performances In Sacramento.   


Chore Corps
The “Chore Corps Program” places about ½ of our upper grade students on work jobs in lower grade classrooms one hour per week. Students assist teachers, support staff and younger students in a variety of tasks. The program promotes self-esteem, develops social, clerical and instructional skills and fosters a sense of responsibility and ownership in the school. Opportunities for cross-age interactions with younger students and with adults, encourage bonding to the larger school community. Patio Patrol and the Clean Team are subgroups of Chore Corps workers who clean the upper grade patio every day after lunch and provide custodial assistance to teachers as needed.


Conflict Management Program
Conflict management is a form of problem-solving used as an alternative to physical fights or other victimizing situations such as verbal abuse and harassment which are common among sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. Conflict Managers act as mediators between students in conflict and are asked to serve in this capacity when the need arises during recesses, lunch breaks, and possibly during a class period. All students selected to serve as Conflict Managers must attend a mandatory training at the beginning of the school year. At the training, information will be giving in communication skills, rumor control, problem identification, diffusion of anger, plus other topics. Students may request intervention form Conflict Managers by filling out a request form located in the Attendance Office, Counselor’s Office or by alerting an adult on campus such as their teacher, campus supervisor, or principal.