Learning Center

Learning Center
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Barry Elementary School has a Learning Center whose main focus is to provide all the support necessary to make students with specific learning disabilities successful at school. Our Learning Center operates under the umbrella of Special Education. Utilizing Response to Intervention (RtI) we utilize both push-in and pull-out models for assistance.

The push-in model is one whereby students are supported in the regular education classroom with the assistance of Learning Center staff. Often times students work with a support person from the Learning Center in the regular classroom. This is usually done in small groups to better assist students with specific learning disabilities in accessing the regular core curriculum.

The pull-out model is used when students need more one-on-one support in an alternative setting. Students might use this model for taking tests, receiving assistance with class work or when students need help on homework in the Learning Center setting. Utilizing the Learning Center is more beneficial for students with specific learning needs where an alternative setting is required. In all, it is our goal to serve your student in the manner that addresses their particular need(s). While this may be in a regular classroom with support or in the Learning Center with support, we want your child to realize their greatest potential while at Barry Elementary School.